Python libraries


Link: Pypi

This package allows to fetch tracking data from Peruvian postal service Serpost using a tracking number.

Jasper Report tools (jr_tools)

Link: Pypi

This package allows to upload and configure reports in Jasper Server. It uses a yaml based configuration file to define the reports, files, parameters, etc and upload them to Jasper Server through its API.

Odoo modules

Import RxH

Link: l10n_pe_import_rxh

This modules allows to read an RxH(a Peruvian invoice emitted by freelance workers) XML document and import its content to Odoo, this module convert the RxH into a supplier invoice.

Serpost Tracking for sales and purchases

Links: tracking_serpost_sale, tracking_serpost_purchase

These modules allow to integrate the tracking data obtained from Serpost with sale and purchase orders in Odoo.

Emacs packages


Link: Github

This package allows to upload the code within a buffer or a region in Emacs to (a pastebin like service).

Alfred workflows


Link: Github

This workflow allows to ask for a crypto currency price in Coinmarketcap API.

Currency exchange

Link: Github

This workflow allows to convert amounts between currencies using the rate from API.

Other projects


Link: Github

This is a Django based application that allows to manage clients, projects, time sheets, etc. It is useful to emit invoices and have records of the projects you have working on.


Link: website

This is a mac OS application written in swift that allows to change the wallpaper using Unsplash images.