Emacs packages

Project Description
linkode.el Upload code within a buffer or a region in Emacs to (a pastebin like service).
tree-sitter-ispell.el tree-sitter plugin to run ispell on text nodes in different languages
flymake-sqlfluff flymake plugin for SQL using sqlfluff
flymake-ruff flymake plugin for python linter ruff
cloak-mode Minor package to hide sensitite data using multiple regex per major mode

Python libraries

Project Description
Serpost Fetch tracking data from Peruvian postal service Serpost using a tracking number
jr_tools Upload and configure reports in Jasper Server. It uses a yaml based configuration file to define the reports, files, parameters, etc and upload them to Jasper Server through its API

Odoo modules

Project Description
l10n_pe_import_rxh Read an RxH(a Peruvian invoice emitted by freelance workers) XML document and import its content to Odoo, this module convert the RxH into a supplier invoice
tracking_serpost_purchase Integrate Serpost tracking data in purchase orders
tracking_serpost_sale Integrate Serpost tracking data in sale orders

Alfred workflows

Project Description
coinstats Ask for a crypto currency price in Coinmarketcap API.
currency-exchange Convert amounts between currencies using the rate from API.

Web apps

Project Description
proma Manage clients, projects, time sheets, etc. It is useful to emit invoices and have records of the projects you have been working on.

macOS apps

Project Description
dynowall Change desktop wallpaper using Unsplash images.